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National Highway 8
Level 4, Ambience Mall, National Highway 8, Gurgaon
11:00 am to 11:30 pm

Price: Rs.2000 for two

Cuisine: Continental, International, Italian, Indian

Known for: Rhythmic interior

Large Group Friendly
Serves alcohol
Live music
Bar area
Happy hours
Sports bar
Air conditioned


kushcarmel - Burrp User


March 25,2015

Super classy and amazing ambience

One of the best place in delhi to visit. Super classy and amazing ambience with hospitality.. I have been to this place several times and still recommend friends for it.. .. I've been here before but have only ever ordered from the a-la-carte menu before and everything was really good. This time I went for the lunch buffet as I was exceptionally hungry and couldn't decide on a specific dish. I was so impressed with the buffet; the taste, the variety as well as the presentation. Best bowling in the town with proper cuisine and bar..always recommended.. first of all the order was very late and them I found a cockroach in my food...and when I demanded to see the manager or the chef....they came after 10 minutes....
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March 22,2015

Don't like the service :(

It was Friday night, and the echoes of two frantic weekend nights to come had started to fill the air of BluO as people kept walking in with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. As they hooted their way in and the place kept filling up with people I was worried if the servers are gonna be able to handle the crowd.

It seemed like the servers were already weary because customers kept calling out to them (including me and my friends) and they casually leaned over anything they could find and chatted with fellow servers, looking absolutely devoid of energy, not to forget unperturbed and uninterested!

I was very surprised as to why they could not come up to my table and probably only say something like "Someone would assist you shortly" or "This isn't my table but I will get someone to help you". The just looked at us, made eye contact and looked away! We were zapped!!!!! We waved, smiled and yelled, we tried everything but they were unaffected!

Anyway, customers slumped in the white chic sofas and friends laughed over a pint, fathers and sons formed teams to bowl and guys bought drinks for theirs girls.

It has really foot stomping music oozing from its sound systems and a Karaoke Rooms, a Tattoo parlour, a Play Station room - this place is really kick ass.

I was really drawn to their LIIT and Blueberry Cheesecake. If you read my reviews, you will know that I am obsessed with cheesecakes and I was really looking forward to this one. One word: FAIL!

The LIIT too was a disaster, it was a glass full of ice with a hint of the cocktail - disappointing! This was not an experience so I decided to ask the server to get me another one without ice, yes! I chose to repeat and the server clearly was either deaf or could not careless so he brought me the exact same drink with a cartload of ice.

Disappointed we decided to leave, the place is a lot of fun for sure but go there only for fun and games and avoid the food and drinks!
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