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Ekta Vaswani - Burrp User

Ekta Vaswani

July 16,2016

A must vist

Craving for hardcore Punjabi food and drinks ? then this is the place to be for all your tangri kebab cravings. widespread menu with each dish having a unique taste and classy ambiance
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Kay DEW - Burrp User


January 05,2015

over all Good meal....

Decided to eat at select city outlet with my guest from overseas...
Ambiance is nice with small bar counter & display kitchen..
we ordered some cocktails & lot of food ,, service was bit lousy but food was good.
, watermelon vodka was nice..
but the starters were amazing specially the Amritsari fish was awesome ..
over all we had a nice hearty meal ..

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Urvi barman - Burrp User

Urvi barman

October 16,2014

Kitchen of Punjab with a Twist

My Special Thank You's to Mr. Anand Singh - Sous Chef, Mr. Deepak Mishra - Manager, Mr. Anil Sen - Asst. Manager, Mr Pankaj & Mr. Bhagat -Service.

Without the support, guidance, recomendations and complimentary dishes - beverages, our Lunch would not have been so Comforting, Enchanting, Delicious & Wonderful!

Punjab Grill, a restaurant that has won several critic awards, is a perfect example for fine dining. The decoration and the furnishings that are used at this restaurant are Jazzy and Impeccable. A relaxed atmosphere compliments the place perfectly.

The lighting is perfect. Open kitchen and cheerful young servers, makes the restaurant flow with positive energy. Tables are well prepared and neatly set. When they seat you, they make sure that they place a small black bowl with a white tablet inside and pour few drops of water. The tablet immediately unfolds into a roll to become a Wet Tissue, for you to wipe and clean your hands before you start to nibble on the onion and mint chutney, which is placed after. Something I experienced for the first time at a North Indian Restaurant and absolutely liked the idea.

They have a lavish Buffet display and offer Ala Carte too. The buffet usually costs around Rs.1000/- which is good only if you have the stomach to gorge.

The Buffet begins at a counter that has little glasses ( like the ones we have for tequila shots), just that its not tequila but Red (Tamarind) and Green (Mint) water and topped with Gol Gappas, also known as Puchh-kas. I liked the unique way they used to display them.

While enjoying the Gol Gappas, we were each given a complimentary dish, Dahi Bhalla. Dahi was light and mixed with Indian spices like Secale cereale (rye), Cumin (jeera) and salt. The bhalla's were made from the grounding of Yellow Pulse, fried and then dipped in curd.

We then placed our Main Course that consisted of Dal Punjab Grill, Amritsari Malai Kofta, Breads - Tandoori Roti and Lachha Parantha. They recommended us to order Mock-tails and we ordered two and got 1 mock-tail complimentary.

A delicacy of Urad (pulse), simmered overnight in mustard oil. Finished with tomato puree, cream and tempered with lots of butter. The Dal had perfect blend of spices and is the best. Just that its a little heavy, so go easy on this dish as their portions are big.

Amritsari Malai Kofta, had a lil sweet taste in the end. So after my meal, I walked up to the counter to have a word with the Chef. He explained why the sweet taste made the dish different from the other restaurants. It actually made sense when he told me the secret ingredient which one usually skips in knowing. Creamy Paneer (cottage cheese), the Kofta is stuffed with a delicate blend of cloth cream, Pistachios, Sage and Green Chillies. It is then simmered in flavorsome and cashew-nut gravy which is passed into a pleasing pungency with Fennel (Sauf) and Fenugreek (Methi). The secret ingredient is the Onion. The paste is used while making the gravy. Its the Onion that adds the sweetness in the end. Thank you Chef, Anand Singh, for providing the information and increasing my knowledge :-)

With the main course, they gave us a basket full of Papad (Papadum) which is crispy disc shaped typically made from black gram, either fried or roasted. Served as an accompaniment with Indian meals.

Mock-tails Ordered :- Ginger Caprioska ( unusual combination of ginger and lemon chunks muddled with brown sugar in soda. Would rate it as 3 out of 5.

Meetha Patta Mojito ( Kolkata paan patta and rose petal preserve Mojito) A recommendation and a must try. Each flavor had its timing of taste in every sip. Loved it!

Melon Moon was served to us as a Complimentary Beverage. Fresh watermelon muddled with lime chunks and mint topped with grape juice. I thought it would be very very sweet, but it was not. Perfectly blended!

Though we did not have the Buffet. Yet I clicked few pictures after seeking permission from Mr Deepak Mishra - Manager. He most willingly guided and helped me.

Even with the crowd, the staff at Punjab Grill, patiently co-operated and helped while I was clicking pictures. It was like there is someone to give all the information that you require. Very friendly and pleasant staff, must say. I have a voucher now, so I will be visiting the restaurant again to try the dishes displayed for the buffet :-)

Aha, how did I hear you whispering, what about desserts? :P

If you like Indian Food, you will most certainly fall in Love with the flavors of Punjab Grill. The Chef's are class apart. Service is brilliant and they take care of each and every customer. They really know their business. A must try. An absolute Paradise for Punjabi's.
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ashima_sharma - Burrp User


November 01,2013

A healthy dinner

Been to punjabi grill for a family dinner .We always sit at punjab grill terrace as we love the ambiance there..Its very green around. Love there tandoori gobhi, pieces are of very big size and are tender ..They serve papad and chutney in the beginning which is actually a good way to start .There dishes are just okie comparable to any other good punjabi restaurant but there isn't anythng extraordinary about their dishes although they are very heavy on pocket .Tandoori roti is too big in size and actually costly .Somehow i feel price value equation doesnt get balanced here
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rashmi_uday - Burrp User


August 11,2012

Pathetic Service but great food

I went to Punjab Grill Select Citywalk ,it took us good 10 minutes to get us a table. Once we had the table, they left a menu with us and did not bother to come back for the order until we had to wave our hands in the air to get some attention.The only good part was the food, which was very nice especially the biryani. Then again, we had to literally jump around in our seats to get someone to pay some attention. We asked them to pack the remaining food and get the bill to which again it took forever. My review is: Service-1/10 food-9/10
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