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Reverb Club & Lounge

Sector 38A, Noida
3rd Floor, Sector 38A, Noida
12:00 pm to 01:00 am
The Club is sprawled over 4,300 sqft and is divided into two floors and 4 sections. The bar is situated on the ground floor and the VIP section and premium lounge on the 1st floor.

Price: Rs.2000 for two

Cuisine: Continental, Indian, Chinese

Valet parking
Large Group Friendly
Large screen
Air conditioned
Live music
Dance floor


Rila Akor - Burrp User

Rila Akor

January 11,2016

Northeast people dont go there !!!

Probabilty is you might get rape, molested by staff. And managers dont even give a shit !!!
They are pathetic and girls you dont wanna get molested by Waiters and Managers of this place. Not safe for girls !!

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Pranjal Shrivastava - Burrp User

Pranjal Shrivastava

May 26,2015

Cheap Class under Business suits!

I arranged a party for my HCL Team and we agreed on not a very satisfactory package from the manager but we wanted to have fun so we went ahead completely unaware of a horrible night we were going to have. We started our party and as the people started to gather, the services and behavior of staff at reverb kept on getting worse. The drinks were spiked and food was pathetic. A member mistakenly dropped a glass and he was instantly under arrest of UP Bhaiyya type bouncers without waiting for the party to end, taken out and threatened for money...Rs500, hah! He paid the amount and joined the party back. The worst was still to come...3 members of our party were talking to each other in front of Reverb where so-called manager came and asked them to either go a distance or get inside. Due to manager's unacceptable attitude, our members refused and continued to talk. The manager, again using his bloody UP bhaiyyas, threatened our members and the bouncers intentionally picked up a fight with us. They charged on us like anything, in a moment whole bouncer staff was out to mess up with us. They brought an iron rod and started beating us without thinking that we came there for party and this was shitty behavior from their side. When we tried to stop them and avoid violence, they got more furious and brought a big knife from kitchen to scare us. They even did not spare the ladies of our group and disrespected them too. When we threatened them about complaining to police, the manager came and confidently said, "Main hi call kar deta hun Inspector ko, bahar wali chauki me hi hain aur fir dekhte hain tumlogo ki kaun sunega, police ki maar bhi khaani hai kya".
We avoided further mess as we were already beaten up a lot with iron rods and hands and legs, threatened with big knife. This was like a nightmare at a place where you expect to be treated well and you of course pay for some fun time, not for this shit which happens at Reverb. The manager, the staff, the bouncers and even the females working there are all so uncultured morons who do not know how to even talk in a mannered way. I was shocked with the behavior and treatment. It is the worst place for corporate parties, it is only meant for cheap crowd, do not go on the name and dressing of staff, they are no more than stray dogs who just know how to spread shit everywhere.
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