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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 01,2015

Lovely Pot Rice

The Chicken Pot Rice here is absolutely brilliant. The quantity is terrific. It can easily be enough for two people. Apart from the tender chicken in the pot rice, the bowl also has some wonderfully cooked vegetables which include Brocolli, Tomatoes etc.

The rice is well blended with the chicken. The ambiance is the traditional Chinese style with red table covers and seats.
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Praveen Pai - Burrp User

Praveen Pai

May 10,2015

Average food but staff is rude and argumentative

The best thing people like about this place is the quantity, quality though is average; the consistency of the taste is lacking as the order that I gave this time was very salty. One thing to keep a check on is there is excess oil in all dish.
So make sure you tell them to make it in less oil.

One thing I would suggest is there is no person who takes the ownership at this place the entire place looks to be run by the staff which do not understand what you want and are blunt in talking so much.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 17,2015

High five for the Spice

5 spice is made for Chinese cuisine lovers. The quantity of the food will fill up your tummy and you will crave to revisit this place to try other dishes.

My favorite mains in the veg affair are Korean noodles and Mongolian pot rice which comes with gravy. Non-veg mains -Stir Fry Potato chicken and Pepper Chicken are both yummy and spicy. Blueberry cheese cake and Mississippi mud cake are must try dessert.
It is advised to go with a group, as for couples, the place won't provide the best of environments. The ambiance is superb. The staff is really helpful and friendly patiently looking through each and every query that you have.

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Nash - Burrp User


January 07,2015

Good food & Excellent portions!

Have mainly been here for lunch. Love their huge portions and VFM pricing. The interiors especially the lower floor area though haven't kept up. The seats are frayed and the walls have marks. But you forget all that when the food arrives especially their pot rice dishes which are a meal by themselves. Service tends to get a bit slow when it's full house, nothing much to complain about though.
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nourin_jivani - Burrp User


December 06,2013

Good food bad service

Been there on a afternoon with my special one after a meeting looking forward a good Chinese lunch as i had heard a lot about it from friends and i have also been to the fort joint which had a long queue but the waiting was worth as the food was just too good but i didn't have the same experience in this joint there were not many people there the waiter were resting the service was a bit slow the waiter was not helpful while giving details of the dishes. The best famous desert for which i had specially been there mission impossible was not available which spoiled my mood. So i just left the palace without desert Overall Food was just average, service below average
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Ayushi Jain - Burrp User

Ayushi Jain

December 04,2013

Uneasy Chineasy

How to spoil the mood of going out for a romantic dinner at an exotic Chinese restaurant can define my experience at 5 Spice, Oshiwara. This place was supposedly well known for its delicious food, quantity and ambiance. Well, I was thoroughly disappointed with the first. I haven't mentioned good service as I didn't get any. To sum it up, the waiters were non-cooperative, the food was tasteless despite the quantity served. We ordered for crispy chilly potatoes which were completely soggy.Moreover, the Mongolian Pot Rice was full of tasteless gravy and chunks of vegetables thrown with improperly cooked rice.I had to pay close to 1000 Rupees for sub standard food for 2. When I asked for a feedback book, they handed me a piece of paper to write my reviews. When I called for the chef, no-one appeared to handle the guest.Lastly, when I called for the restaurant Manager, I was greeted with a shrug and a simple answer: Manager is on leave. What kind of fine dining restaurants operate without a manager?? I was appalled by the response and the service I got and I am definitely not entering the 5 Spice premises again. Also, I am never recommending this restaurant to anyone else ever.
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Ajai Bathija - Burrp User

Ajai Bathija

October 22,2013

5 Spice but 3 Stars

This eatery used to be a favourite of clientèle a few years ago but now is slowly and surely moving downhill. The unique value proposition of 5 Spice which used to be - Huge helping size, pricing, piping hot fresh food is not so attractive any more. The helping size remains the same - huge and one of the best this side of suburbs, but the food quality is no longer as good as it used to be.. Jaded vegetables, thick congealed sauces, not enough chicken or prawns in the rice and noodles is the usual trademark of this place. Add to it the fact that the waiters who do not understand customized orders and unwilling to budge much on specific requests.. The best thing about this place still remains the desserts which are one of the best this side of town. The Mission Impossible dessert, pastries, cheesecakes are awesome. Pricing has gone up considerable over the years and it is not cheap eating here anymore. A decent meal for 4 without drinks can set you back by Rs. 2500 And the seating is confusing and split all over the building - a small seating downstairs, something in the corner, larger seating upstairs.. adding to confusion. Overall a decent place but not worth its salt anymore.
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Avril Pinto - Burrp User

Avril Pinto

August 05,2013


Entered 5 spice and was welcomed by a petite lady followed by a huge gathering of flies at the table which was a major turn off.We asked not to be seated on the ground floor admist the flies and headed to a more insect free first floor. We ordered Fu chi Chicken which was salty and we informed the waiters who diligently took it away and got rid of the salty taste. Next we ordered Soho chicken and chicken in black bean sauce with some clay pot rice. Black bean sauce had a better tasting texture. Total damage for four 2500 Rs without alcohol. Pretty reasonable in comparison to mainland and aromas of china.
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Rishabh Shah - Burrp User

Rishabh Shah

July 25,2013

Authentic Chinese!!!

To start with,I am a 5 Spices Fan.Love every outlet of theirs,and this one is nothing less.Amazing quantity to go with the quality and price.Awesome desserts!!! love the cheese cake and death by the chocolate.. comfortable seatings.. and group friendly! A weak point is the communication with the waiters/attendants.They need to understand and speak fluent English. It does pose a problem sometimes.
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Puja Chakravarty - Burrp User

Puja Chakravarty

June 13,2013

Awesome Chinese Food And Total Value For Money

True definition of value for price. Love their food immensely, plus, the quantity served is plenty. If you are planning to go somewhere with friends, this will be a good option. 1 plate of rice/noodles is enough to serve 3-4 people. Their dessert options are great! Love the blueberry cheesecake and chocolate brownie. If you've gone in a group of 4 and above people, you must try the dessert - Mission Impossible. The name is such that 1-2 people can't possibly finish the dessert on their own.
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Damian Fernandes - Burrp User

Damian Fernandes

November 25,2012

If U Like Chinese food U'll LuV 5Spice

great chinese food. nice ambience. the major issue with this place is on the weekends you need to make a booking in advance else you will have to wait for a table for 30-45 minutes.
one of the most awesome desserts Death by chocolate. Must definately give it a try.
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FB_100001699931644 - Burrp User


July 10,2012

yummy dummy

5 Spice offers an amazing variety of starters and main course and in plus size portins too.Their wanton chicken and drums of heaven were the best and the noodles being thin and light and the smell of fried rice was amazing.
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Shambhavi123 - Burrp User


May 16,2012


5 Spice offers an amazing variety of starters and main course and in plus size portins too.Their wanton chicken and drums of heaven were the best and the noodles being thin and light and the smell of fried rice was amazing.They also had pot rice which had gravy mixed in it and was cheaper than ordering the gravy and rice seperately but it was not impressive.The dessert here are a must try and have an amazing variety to chose from.My personal favourites are Strawberry and Blueberry Baked Cheese Cake and Death by chocolate.
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

November 15,2008

Very Very Nice - Like the Fort one!

So, I got here to celebrate my Mom's birthday for the first time this week. Birthdays are special occassions, and you go out to places u can trust with handling the occassion and the moment.

I've been a visitor to the Fort one many a times, and couple of times to the one at Bandra too. So, I am prepared for what I am getting into.

The place is located at a corner, nice and quiet. The lighting is warm and nice, and much better than the Bandra one which is one big hall with too much of white light. Space has been used up very nicely over two floors, so that you have areas to eat while u think u dont have any. There is a nice open seating area also on level 1, which i want to try. It was a holiday and the place was pretty full.

now to the food. i have some favourites which u may want to try. Their Chestnuts and Corn are absolutely a fav for the crispy flavor they leave u in the mouth with for starters. Of course, the portions are huge so you dont order more than 1 for a family of 4. Main course was hakka noodles and paneer with cashewnuts. This gravy is a brown one, slightly tangy and spicy but not very hot. 1 portion of both was good enough for all of us. too bad, the parents could not try out the mission impossible because it was sold out and we walked in in the night. so, that should be a consistent taste because they should be supplied from the same bakery guess :)

the pocket did not get setback by too much money too. 750 bucks including tip for all of this food, soft drinks and some soup. Though, I think they did not have a drinks permit yet here so no drinks menu till date!

overall a very nice and courteous visit, and i will go back for some moe.
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Aniruddh Chaturvedi - Burrp User

Aniruddh Chaturvedi

November 08,2008

VFM Chinese!

Well I finally went to 5 Spice in Oshiwara.. Here is my experience of the same--

First of all, the location of the restaurant wasn't good.. I wished they opened it in Lokhandwala or something, because that area is extremely close to a slum area.

As we went in, the restaurant seemed like a warm friendly place.

We ordered Chicken Teriyaki and crispy vegetables for starters.. Teriyaki was extremely tender and marinated, the crispy vegetables were kinda cold, but then he re-heated it, after which it tasted good.

I asked the waiter for iced tea, but he forgot! That was irritating.

Then, for main course we ordered thai red curry with veg. fried rice, and a broccoli-mushroom-chicken-rice concoction, which was divine... But the problem was that the rice was at the bottom and not properly mixed with the gravy... But that could be overlooked.

We could see that they used Basmati Rice...

A minor problem was that even though the interiors were good, they had kept those yellow boxes for home delivery on one of the side tables...

For desert, we thought we would order a pastry each, but the waiter said just forget everything and go for Mission Impossible. It was for only Rs 170, and you won't believe it, but it actually served the 5 of us!! It was a humongous piece of cake, accompanied with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream..

The quantities are big.. I mean, you could suffice yourself with one main course dish if it were the two of you.

Anyway, it is strongly recommended that you visit this place.
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Shamata Shetty - Burrp User

Shamata Shetty

October 08,2008

Full Paisa Vasool!!!

This was like a tooth fairy wish come true.. but I am too old to lose a tooth now. So, it was like a fountain wish come true.. but not too many fountains in Mumbai, that you can drop coins to. So, without dragging this further, this is like a dream come true.

I always wondered why 5 spice didnt have a restaurant on my side of the city. It was much needed in the Oshiwara/Lokhandwala area; there were not too many options for good chinese food for cheap.

Location: Located opposite Mega Mall, this resturant is now in the company of other known names like Lucky, Kareem's etc.

Restaurant Decor: It's got a beautiful outside and inside area; the same wooden decor but this one has chinese lights. Inside, it's got some beautiful art that enhances the look of the place. Comfortable seating and dim lighting complete the look.

Music: The music is surprisingly alternative rock. But, I think they will change this to cater more to their market.

Food: One word- Awesome. Really Good food! The Menu provides a variety of options ranging to Thai, Korean cuisines. Whats nice is a description of what you can expect under every item. And the result is absolutely amazing. First timers, beware. One dish of rice or noodles can suffice 2-3 people, so do not make the mistake of overordering. While you wait for your orders, they will serve you tasty khimchi which proves to be the perfect appetizer.

Food recommended: Lamb noodles, Mongolion Pot Rice, Flavored Anise Rice, Kung Pao Chicken, the KoreanNoodles, etc.

Dessert: Leave room for dessert, as this too is an experience. 5 spice provides various kinds of pastries, and also have their own preparations, which are worth trying- Rocky road, Mission Impossible, etc.

Service: Service is good; the food comes pretty quick. And the plates are cleared, glasses are filled promptly.

How much money, honey?: This is the BEST part; its crazy value for the amount that you pay. The quantity and the quality of food is so awesome, that you know you are in for a really good deal. And I love this concept: charge relatively more than a downright cheap restaurant, but then give that good quantity of food. But in this case, its not good quantity, tis crazy quantity!

Conclusion: Awesome place if you are going in a large group and have a certain budget. Awesome place for any occassion actually. This one is a must try!
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