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rjkbvp - Burrp User


June 15,2015


I had been there on a cold rainy day.

The rasam soup followed by a sumptuous Thali with Neer Dosa and Bisi Bele bath was satisfying.

My kids had spicy Chettinad Masala and Appam Korma. It was enjoyed by them.

A very innovative and extensive menu. Have not tried the take away. I live in Bandra West so will try someday
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 29,2015

superb south Indian dining experience.

Authentic south indian food. They have very yummy food and very authentic! Cheese palak dosa, rajani dosa,are their speciality. Their paneer gassi with appams is another hot favourite.They dosas are very crisp and the coconut drink is also very good . They all taste different from the normal styles that are usually served in other outlets. Ambience is minimalistic. Free chutney unlimited.All in all, a superb south Indian dining experience.
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  • Banana Leafimage
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indiancolours - Burrp User


April 24,2015

Banana Leaf Versova terrible service

Their take away service is going to the dogs.
Ordered a Thupa Masala Dosa. After the delivery boy had left I opened the parcel to find there is no masala. But I am billed for Thupa Masala dosa. The dosa is cold. I call the security in the building to send the delivery boy back, but he is away already. So I call the restaurant and no one picks up. I call three or four numbers listed online and none of them are answered. Phone keeps ringing. After more than 10 minutes I get a response and I place my complaint. The guy at the other end tells me "dekta hoon". No apology, no information on what he intends to do. Was I to sit at the other end waiting endlessly while he "dekta hoon".
I call after another 10 minutes and raise my complaint again and the guy at the other end has to be told everything from scratch. And, he says I will send the masala. I tell him send me a whole new dosa since this is cold now. He says something in a heavy south Indian accent with all wrong grammar and bangs the phone. I call back and say do you even have my address to send the proper order? And he starts behaving rudely and and saying if we didn't have the order would we have the sent the dosa in the first place.
Just then I find a Banana leaf delivery has come back with just the masala in a container. I tell him to take the whole dosa back, return my money or come back with a fresh hot dosa.
I am still waiting.
Horrible! If you go to the restaurant, you will find the waiters talking to each other rather than attending to guests.
Sad that a decent South Indian food joint has the most arrogant and despicable service.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 18,2015

True South Indian Cusines

A very innovative concept restaurant for south Indian food lovers, varied and long menu to choose from. It has an extensive selection to pick from, the starters to main courses are served in fairly large portions. Sambhar and chutney are refilled every time.
Being a brand, there is always a moderate crowd. Surely a place to go with guests, kids, family, friends alike. They offer valet parking, which is a big relief.
Alabar curry, spinach dosa, neer dosa, dessert gadba are few of my favourite dishes.
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  • Banana Leafimage
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Amanda dsouza - Burrp User

Amanda dsouza

February 28,2015

good food

This restaurant serves a very elaborate South Indian fare. I am not a very big fan of South Indian food but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here. From dosas to a wholesome meal there is as much as authenticity you will find in a mumbai's South Indian restaurant. The service also is pretty decent. I did not really find much flaw at this place.
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

Vegetarian food!!!

Im a big fan of south indian food especially since i'm a goan and i don't get to eat this type of food that often! I love their thuppa dosa so delicious !! The thali is so filling and with so much of variety .. You really need to have a great appetite to go eat here! I also love their neer dosa and the different types of uttapam that they have!
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January 04,2015

Toothsome South Indian Snacks

This place has got a beautiful ambiance.....we had gone at approx 18:30 for especially snacks......Had 3 different types of dosas which were ultimate n FYI i heard the names for the first time in my life......Best part of this place is they dont cry or charge u extra for sambhar/chutneys...Loved it....n yes quick service.
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palaksonalniren - Burrp User


February 12,2014

south ka jalwa

This is one of the best south indian restaurant in the city and not the typical udipi restaurant types. the food was awesome, service was very good and its a complete vegaterian outlet. The most important part being that the ambience was cool not too dashy, it was simple and pleasant. Not too crowded even though it was Sunday the waiting time being 10 mins only. The food was really good tasty though it had a dash of coconut in most of the things but it tasted something different which I was having after a very long time. I heard about this place but never visited it before, got a chance this time and will surely visit again now.
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Manoj Pillai - Burrp User

Manoj Pillai

February 09,2014

Authentic south inidan food

If you are south indian food lover then this is the place for you.Amazing variety of south Indian dishes. From a wide range of Idlis, Dosas and Uttapams to a huge variety of South-Indian daals and vegetable dishes with Rice, Appam, Neer Dosas and so much more.The food is served on plates with a freshly cut Banana leaf on it!
Mini Thalis and the fancy Uttapams and Dosas, it’s fairly good value for money considering the quality, service and the ambience of the place.Thairu Sadam) Yelami Cham Sadam and Lemon Rice are noteworthy too. The tender coconut Elaneer Payasam is a must try.Food is served within a few minutes of placing the order.Overall it is good and I think you must give it a try
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

January 12,2014

Great place!!!

My mom introduced me to the place & I have been hooked ever since! What can I say about Banana leaf except for the fact that its amazing!!! I always end up ordering the Thali; which I might add is enough for two people to eat. The food is consistently great & the service too is impeccable!!! The flavors of the food are clean & the portion sizes are very generous. No wonder the place is always packed be it a Sunday or a Tuesday! If you want good South Indian food as authentic as one can find out of the Southern India, then Banana Leaf will not disappoint!!! Apart from the Thali they do have the regular Udupi fare; which too is great; no soggy oily dosa's that need to be gulped down with oily Sambhar but light food which is easy to digest & is supremely palatable!!!
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Nemi Doshi - Burrp User

Nemi Doshi

September 30,2013

Restaurant Cheated Me in The Bill

Before I start, I must let everyone know that I have been the most regular customer of Banana Leaf for its nice food since the past 4 years. However what happened the other day was completely unacceptable. I ordered a coorg idli and a dakshin masala idli and only the coorg idli came. The rest of our order of dosas and uthhapams followed. I thought they would bring out the other idli order soon enough. However, they never got the dakshin masala idli and yet when the bill came, I was charged for it. I first brought it to the notice of the guy taking our order. He consulted with the waiters and said that we were served and maybe we had forgotten it! Look at the BLASPHEMY! I told him that I wanted to speak to the manager. When the manager came, I told him the description of the Dakshin Idli and told him, I know what I ordered and it has not come. And there were 7 people on the table. Even the 7 dwarfs have good memory and don't tell lies! He still argued that the waiter had indeed served us and refused to believe the word of 7 people who are ardent customers and always recommend this place to other people. Also, did I mention that when we ordered coconut water, it was HOT. Now I know coconut water is not cold, but its regular room temperature and not hot. When we asked them if they could chill it for a little while, they refused and made us drink HOT coconut water. I have seen this place even through its Juhu Store and the management was always friendly and helpful and ready to hear. The management has recently changed and this new way of charging customers WRONGLY for food they did not eat is absolutely unacceptable. I would warn everyone against this place henceforth.
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nikunj desai - Burrp User

nikunj desai

September 26,2013

Awesome Food. Mind It !!

If you looking for some delicious & delectable south Indian food, a must go restaurant. Been here a few times now & the idli platter, onion wada & varieties of Dosa are just very very tasty.The food is served in plate on banana leaf as the name says, giving you feeling of authentic south India. Feel price is a little over priced. Ambiance is just good, can be made better.
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rikinenjoy  - Burrp User


September 10,2013

South Indian

Knowing your South Indian food is almost as important, and the folks at Banana Leaf are well-versed and enthusiastic enough to guide you through the menu before you pick out what to gorge on. South Indian food-cravers of Mumbai city, you must give this place a try. Their Idly-Mooru Curry, Uttapams and Chilly-Idly is to die for with over-the-top helpings of coconut & tomato chutneys on the side. I must warm you that their portions are monstrous - possibly to make up for the price of the dish - there was more rasam and sambar served with my meal than my body could take - but you'll lick the bowls clean I promise you. I'd give Banana Leaf big points - more for getting the basic dishes spot on before adding on their embellishments to make them even better. Compliments to the Chef!
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karanc1 - Burrp User


August 02,2013

Lip smacking South Indian dishes :) Slow Service:(

Hi Burrpers !!!! This is my very 1st review on this great platform. i had gone to the Versova branch of Banana Leaf few days ago on a weekday, with my family, it was around Nineish. Surprisingly the restaurant was packed....good they have seating arrangements ouside also...which is roof covered. They have like 32 varieties of Dosa, 13 varieties of Wadas, more than 20 types of Uttapams & 22+ types of Idlis....PHEW !!! Since we are running late, we ordered just 3 items. Palak Wada, Chettinad idli + Vagharela Idli Poryal (half n half) & Masala Dosa The Palak Wada: had 6 huge pieces, is quite filling & very tasty..we parcelled this & were obliged. The Idli Combos were the Rockstars, one in Orange Cheese Paste which was vert lipsmacking & other in normal chutney paste, Huge pieces. THe Masala Dosas was another HIT, One can take unlimited servings of Sambar & Chutneys. The only negatives was the Slow Service, but when we tested them by hurrying up (we genuinely had to rush somewhere) we were quickly serviced. Overall, will definitely recommended this to my colleagues & will come & try their other varieties.
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amaselkar - Burrp User


January 28,2013

Authentic food with a lovely service!!!

Just had been here yesterday for family lunch.. We did have wonderful time with the lovely spread of dishes available here. Truly authentic south indian food with a wide spread of choices available to choose from...

Special vote of thanks to Mandal Singh who has in depth knowledge of dishes on the Menu( though he is from Orissa).. He truly gave a perfect service and suggested us few lovely dishes!!! Finally Happy Tummy with a Big Smile ..Thanks to the lovely food with excellent service and Ambience.
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Riddhi Sen - Burrp User

Riddhi Sen

January 27,2013

Vegetarian South Indian food

Craving for some really nice South-Indian food in a nice and quiet ambience?.. then Banana Leaf is the place for you, esp if you are in the western suburbs. What I like best about this place is their amazing variety of south Indian dishes. From a wide range of Idlis, Dosas and Uttapams to a huge variety of South-Indian daals and vegetable dishes with Rice, Appam, Neer Dosas and so much more..

Food: It’s a pure veg restaurant, with great variety and the food is really nice. The food is served on plates with a freshly cut Banana leaf on it! And although, I have liked most things here but I particularly loved the Rassam here and the Yelneer Payasam in dessert(with tender coconut and dry fruits) . The mini thalis are good too.

Service: Very well co-ordinated and extremely fast service. Food is served on the table within a few minutes of placing the order. There are sufficient number of staff and they are very helpful.

Ambience: The Interiors are done up well with a south Indian touch. Overall, its somewhere in between an Udupi restaurant and a fine-dine one and is cleaner, quieter and more spacious than the Udupi ones with nice spread out comfortable seating.

Value for Money: With Mini Thalis within Rs200 and the fancy Uttapams and Dosas within Rs150, I think it’s fairly good value for money considering the quality, service and the ambience of the place.Overall it is good and I think you must give it a try. I would definitely go back to this place again when I am in the mood for some good veg food. :)
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Vinay V - Burrp User

Vinay V

November 18,2012

South Indian on the platter

Rasam Vada..avial...Paper dosa..Mysore masala or the south indian whole some thali.. the food is amazing..followed by the ambiance and the staff... a pre veg joint is always crowded and has a wait of 15 mins to 1 hour on almost all days.. a highly recommended food joint for a foodie who loves vegetarian south indian cuisine..
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sangoimoni - Burrp User


September 20,2012

One word - Yumm!

I've been to this place twice back to back and all i can say is its very hatke.. You would not want to go to a south indian restaurant considering you get idlis and dosas as frequently as vada pav in mumbai.. But trust me, this place is over idlis and dosas.. The menu is as a little unfamiliar as it has authentic south indian cuisine and dishes which sometimes you may need to ask them for how it would be.. My favourite dish here is 'Appam with Chttinadu'.. Suggested by a friend, its become my all time favourite.. Appam (softer & tastier version of uttapam) served hot and steamy with Chettinadu (a mix vegetable preparation).. Another tasty dish was cucmber dosa.. The name is self-suggestive..!! Im yet to explore other dishes.. but the above are certainly making me wanna go back again.. Service is also excellent, good ambience.. all in all a good family place!
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Food_Freak123 - Burrp User


July 20,2012

Great food!

Banana leaf surely lives up to your expectations! The ambiance is very good, it gives you the typical south indian feel. The food is awesome, my personal favorite is idiyappam with korma! The desserts are available in a good variety. The payasam tasted delicious!
Must visit!
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Hensila Kava - Burrp User

Hensila Kava

July 17,2012

Excellent South Indian Food

If you are craving for some authentic south indian food, Banana Leaf is the place to go. The tricolor chutneys add taste to every dish served there. The minute you have a look at the menu, you stand confused of what to order. The variety of Idlis, Wadais, Uttappams, Dosa and other south indian dishes is very huge and tempting. My personal favorite is Banana Leaf Special Kanchipuram Idli and Paneer Burji Dosa. The food is exellent and the service even better.
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Nandini Pai - Burrp User

Nandini Pai

July 14,2012

South Indian Foodies Paradise!

Delightfully authentic menu, quick service and peaceful ambience. The filter coffee was really amazing. Try the classic malt and chettinad uttapams, they were yummy! Loved the neer dosa too. Overall, a must visit!
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mark_mukkath - Burrp User


July 09,2012

Couldn't ask for more!!

My weekend just got better after i visited banana leaf and relished my taste buds with authentic south indian food.

The ambience and the atmosphere was amazingly great. The food had everything balanced.
Dakshin masala idli and rasam wada... YUM!!!

Wouldn't mind going everyday over there and treating myself!! Throughly enjoyed. Highly recommended.
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Vrinda Dhanuka - Burrp User

Vrinda Dhanuka

July 09,2012


Banana Leaf was recommended to me by a friend. I love south Indian food and thus a good critic for this cuisine. When i visited the place with my friends, it had a nice ambiance. Within few minutes I was attended, and the food arrived soon too. The food was served well, ordered few of my favorite dishes,and some that they recommended. I'd pick garlic rawa dosa, idli gassi, payasam as the best ones. Must visit for south indian food lovers.
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