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Barbeque Nation

Andheri West
Ground Floor, Dreams Square, Daily Estate, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai
12:00 pm to 04:00 pm, 07:00 pm to 11:30 pm
Barbeque Nation is a concept dining restaurant and has a live charcoal grill on the table where in the guests can finish the skewers on to their own taste applying various marinades and condiments. The pre fixed offering of vegetarian and non vegetarian barbeque fare goes on till the time the Guest enjoys the servings followed by an elaborate buffet spread. Being the Pioneer in the DIY i.e. Do It yourself cuisine, it was indeed a very challenging but exciting story to break through the market with something as unique as this.

Price: Rs.1600 for two

Cuisine: Continental, Mediterranean, North Indian, Chinese

Known for: Buffet

Kid friendly
Serves alcohol
Valet parking
Large Group Friendly
Air conditioned
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abhadouria - Burrp User


July 14,2017

This is Regarding Barbeque Nation hopeless and pathetic service

This Is Amit Bhadouria
This is Regarding Barbeque Nation
Living in mumbai After sending you feedback I got a call from sabir from barbeque nation
He convinced me to come again and visit place for good service
so i did visit on my anniversary 8 july at bandra outlet .
I am still wondering service was even bad than last time.
There was No one to attend when we walked in at the entrance after 5 mins I went inside to see if some one i Could talk to.
After waiting inside for a while i got a guy His reply was weired when i Asked him want 2 seats for both of us.
He said waiting chal raha hai and then he vanished . I went back outside to see if someone could atleast register our names but there was no one
My wife said let it be we will leave its almost 15 mins we are here
suddenly I saw a family walking in without any intimation i went inside and saw they occupied a vacant place and waiter started attending them
I called up sabir and said same thing he called up manager of bandra BBQ he came from inside and started saying no sir i am here only i am here only
To confirm things again which sabir told me when he called me that he will give feedback to Rabiul islam, Deva sishdas bhibhas sarkar
and manager mandol so I went inside and found sarkar i asked him do you know sabir he said yes
i asked him did he give feedback to you or any 4 of you regarding previous day matter .
He said No Not till now I even found manager when i went back at entrance he was still talking to sabir
I asked him hey my name is amit bhadouria sabir is talking regarding me only did you get any feedback regarding previous matter to which he replied no
It Is seriously very very bad service and experience you guys have showed No words to express and not going there again to make fun of ourselves
Thank you so much to remind that few things never change At times Exclation also doesnt help if your intentions and goal is not clear
I still remember sabir said we are really sorry i will be there personally to attend you next time when you come to which i replied
i dont want special service i wont tell you when i am coming because i just want to be treated as regular customer nothing much
I even told him i might come on my Birthday But did not mention date I regret... I spoiled my day my mood This time they Treated Even Worst
Thanks again last msg to you all Wont come to Barbeque Nation again in my Life

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MilanTEST Suvarna - Burrp User

MilanTEST Suvarna

June 20,2017

Awesome experience

Best food and great ambiance.
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