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Praveen Sharma - Burrp User

Praveen Sharma

November 28,2016

Hangout place chowpatty

It's really pocket friendly and at the same time the quantity is enough to satiate ones appetite..
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 28,2015

Good Food in cheap rates

The prices are real cheap and their service is quite fast. The places is always full and their is a long queue. The crowd sees everyone from bustling youngsters to families. Specially ones living in hostels as its pocket friendly and the menu is exactly Home made style food. They serve amazing rajma chawal,Custard, aamras, butter pav bhaji Be rest assured that you will leave with a happy belly and a happier pocket
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 29,2014

Total value for money....

Home style, cheap, good taste & super pocket friendly joint which has been around since ages.

Food: Decent quantity for 2 people and tasty as well.
Some of our all time favorites are - Paneer masala, Veg Korma, Dal Makhani, Dal Fry & Jeera Rice

This place is mostly frequented by students of Wilson college and many other youngsters. For obvious reasons (home cooked & cheap).

Surely a must go!!
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Urvi barman - Burrp User

Urvi barman

October 31,2014

If you miss home food, Crystal is the place to be.

This quaint like little place overlooks the Chowpatty Beach and is a dream joint for every student in Mumbai, who crave for food which tastes like home food at affordable prices".

Crystal, is one of those places in Mumbai that has home style cooking at an external environment. It is opposite Chowpatty, near Wilson College, where you see people lined up for lip - smacking food and not for the view or anything else. Crystal could have given up its stature and become modern like other Irani Cafes have reinvented themselves with times, but their origin is their beauty. In the afternoon they open from 12 noon till 3:00 pm and you might also get a free table. However, if you arrive in the evening when they open from 7 pm till 10:30 pm, be prepared to que up for a little while.

A canteen / mess type ambience with Plastic Chairs, Iron Tables and steel crockery. Fast service and the waiters are straight forward. Don't expect courtesy as you normally do while going to a restaurant. You will not get a place after 7.30 on weekends.

Lets get down to the Food -

When I stepped inside I could get clues to the kind of food I would have got here. We ordered the "Dal Makhani" , "Paneer Masala" , "Pav Bhaji" , "Paranthas" , "Roti" & their Famous "Kheer".

Buttered Roti's and Dal Makhani are the local favorites. I did not like much of the Paneer Masala though but loved the Pav Bhaji and ordered few extra Pav (Bun Bread).

If you are the one who needs air conditioner, folded napkins like a fine dining experience then this place is not recommended for you. The service here is very quick and the food is good.

As the old saying goes - Save the best for the last and they make it happen. Howsoever, full I was, I ordered their Trademark Kheer. Its a must must , must have. Highly recommended! I finished the entire bowl without thinking about my calories. I will get your money back if you tell me you did not like it.

Conclusion - Damage to the pocket is minimal. For two people you pay Rs 200-500 apart from the generous tip. Excellent service. Manageable portions for two people. Well priced. No A.C and frills for ambiance. Non spicy, basic flavor preparations of food. Its closed on Monday.

If you miss home food , you know where you can find it now! :-)
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Gluttonomous - Burrp User


August 09,2013

Only to eat & nothing else to see or get

One of the most frequently suggested place to eat in south Mumbai if your facing a cash crunch. But just don’t go it being economical as the food is as good. If you the one, who needs ACs, folded napkins like a fine dining restaurant then you should stop reading this right away. The service is fast & the food is good. This only veg indian serving cuisine is in shabby conditions & not been renovated in decades. That doesn’t deter people coming and eating here. Butter roti, tomato & potato sabji, egg bhurji and dal makhani are the local favorites. The even serve chilled kheer all throught the year while a small bowl of aam ras in seasons as well. Leaving apart the shabby state of this place, décor & ambience which are at zilch, the food & service is worth it.
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Yummy Mumbai - Burrp User

Yummy Mumbai

June 29,2013

Homely Food away from Home

A place where I love to visit whenever I am in this side of the town. Homely Food, great value for money! Kheer, Fruit Cream, Baingan ka Bharta and Tomato Rice are the compulsory in my order! A canteen / mess type ambiance with Plastic Chairs, Iron Tables and steel crockery! Fast service and the waiters are straight forward! Don't expect courtesy as you normally do while going to a restaurant. No number, only queues if there is a rush - You will not get a place after 7.30 in weekends.Only 'Word of Mouth' is the media for publicity!
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June 25,2013

VFM homely food

So what does one do when one longs for homely, Punjabi food (non - dhaba style)? – One needs to head to Crystal. The place has zero ambiance – old building and rickety furniture, but scores high on food. Probably this is the reason that there is always a queue to get in. So what does one order at Crystal? Well almost everything is good, but my special recommendation is rajma, which is probably the best in town. The meal has to be ended with their kheer which again is heavenly. This is absolutely a no frills place – just come, sit, eat and go out. Clearly one of the best places for homely, VFM food in the city, that ranks high on my list.
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chemburguy - Burrp User


January 19,2013

Hidden Gem

Most people do not know about Crystal unless they have been introduced to it by a family member or friend. It is located in an old building opposite Chowpatty beach and doesn't have much in terms of ambiance. But the food and service more than makes up for it and Crystal is probably the best place in terms of value for money with the average cost per person around Rs. 100 even today. The only thing one needs to be prepared for is waiting 15-30 min in a queue as the place is quite small. I believe Crystal now also has one more food joint in Lower Parel although oddly they keep it closed on Sundays
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Aditya Chv - Burrp User

Aditya Chv

November 29,2012

No nonsesne restaurant

Located on the chowpatty seaface, the access to the restaurant is quite easy.

My friends suggested this restaurant and went there to have a bite recently, and i did have more than a bite :)

Invariably there is a line which stretches up to the next shop and takes around 20-30 mins to get inside on a weekend.

Once we got in and looked at the menu, we were surprised by looking at the prices.

Must try the Masala Papad and the parathas. We ordered Malai Kofta ( which was good and served very hot) and the Dry vegetable - Aloo ( tasted like home cooked aloo sabzi) then some rotis and a veg biryani.

A boondi raita and Kheer was also ordered to finish the huge meal !

All of the orders tasted really good and the service was fast and prompt.
After eating all this the bill wasn't even 300 Rs.

Tip: Buy a mineral water bottle and carry soap strips/ hand sanitizer with you.

The overall cleanliness of the restaurant is okay but the food and the plates in which it was served were very clean.

Will surely go many more times.
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November 15,2012

Yummy kheer

i went to this place just to try their famous kheer,it did not dissapoint me certainly...It was served very had some flavour which tasted like did not contain any dry fruits or any other ingredient...the coldness of the kheer was so amazing...and i finished it so fast...all i can say-mazza ah gaya...moving on the service-very quick...their prices are so affordable.where else in Mumbai could you get such a good kheer for 30 bucks...will come here soon hopefully :D
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