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Freeda Brown - Burrp User

Freeda Brown

October 08,2016

An evening of Horror!

What was supposed to be a casual dinner, turned out to be a “night of terrors”. It wasn’t such a 'Lucky’ feeling for me and my family on my visit to this restaurant on October 5, 2016. One of my worst experience in a restaurant. Well they say,“ Form is temporary but class is permanent”. Its indeed true for a place like this joint. When they were at the peak of their business they managed to con an ocean of devout followers, serving authentic dum “Biryani’s”. But looks like it’s all going downhill. Proving a point is more important for the management and the waiters, than getting a dish right. Seems like the winning formula here is to intensify the flavour of chillies packed in every dish. What is overwhelming with every bite is the engulfing taste of chillies coating your taste buds which isn’t appealing to the senses. The waiter concluded that they would alter the level of spice to suit our palette. The appetizers arrived doused in chilly powder and the papads were burnt like a skin tan from the scorching sun. How can someone get something so basic, wrong?! We followed it up with seekh kababs which was alright, the chicken tandoori arrived cold as if right out of the morgue. Prawns Koliwada looked shriveled and unappetizing, like they beat it to its death.
The raita is an accompaniment to balance the spices in a main course, but they ruined that too. And the chicken biryani in its state was a sad demise.
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Nascimento Pinto - Burrp User

Nascimento Pinto

July 08,2015

The Kheema Ghotala is the best

It is a regular place I used to go to in Bandra. The food is really good but the prices have been increasing over the years at a fast rate which is unexpected.

I've had the mutton and chicken there but the Kheema Ghotala is the tastiest thing I have had there.

The ambiance is normal but good enough. The service is really good even though they are crowded.
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 31,2015

Best place for biryani!

When you hear about lucky restaurant the only word that comes to mind is their biryani! The chicken and mutton biryani is the best .. Its so pocket friendly!
The kebabs also are really tasty .. This place is always very crowded..I also like their chicken tandoori a lot but specially go there for their chicken biryani..Its heaven for biryani lovers and trust me there are not a lot of good places to have some good biryani at such cheap prices..
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Yummy Biryani

Lucky's biryani is so famous it is always splashed in newspapers too and many celebs are also its fan..I like the chicken and mutton biryani a lot too, and chicken cutlet and seekh kebab are also delicious..this is one of those places I have never tasted any veg dish because I don't see the point and I don't think it would be tastier than the non veg dishes anyway,maybe I am wrong but I will stick to the chicken and mutton biryani!
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 24,2015

biryani heaven

my family is full of carnivores who actually cannot cook non veg food well but will leave no opportunity to order it! Lucky's biryani is ordered in our house atleast once every month for my hubby especially who attacks it like the last piece of food on this planet! he cannot stop singing its praises so all the stars are just for biryani,never had anything else from here!
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Sanah Suvarna - Burrp User

Sanah Suvarna

June 02,2014

nyom nyom

Lucky ke biryani and kebab, enough said!
This place is famously know for their biryani and kebabs and it definitely lived up to the hype. I love their seekh kebabs, hariyali kebabs, galouti kebab and mutton chaap. The biryani ofcourse is yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Everyone needs to have biryani from here at least once.
Lucky ka biryani nahi khaya toh kya kiya!
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Tanvi Juwale - Burrp User

Tanvi Juwale

May 15,2014

Biryani fans, better not miss this one!

I happened to visit this on a friend's recommendation in a lunch break from college though in a rush, I enjoyed the food. What you should never, never and never miss out on is the Chicken Tikka Biryani, spicy, smokey, delectable, subtle yet flavorful retaining all the flavors; left me smiling and satiated. The kheema pulao however, contradicted to the delectable taste of the biryani; The flavors of the spices smudged and the kheema was in such an awfully little quantity that I didn't taste it. The location is superb, not very hard to miss; price reasonable and an average service. so summing up it was a god experience sans the Kheema pulao.
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Jatin Israni - Burrp User

Jatin Israni

September 08,2013


Biryani in the suburbs was synonymous with Lucky at one time. However, having grown up in town I had never had a chance to sample the same until a few years ago. To say the truth it was quite disappointing and it really did not live upto its reputation.

I cannot say the biryani was bad, but nothing about it was memorable and the taste did not linger, a sharp contrast to the Kareem's biryani near the Jama Masjid in Delhi, which I can still taste in my mind even as I write this.

My recent sojourn to Lucky was on the way back from a meeting in Bandra, when I realized it to be lunch time and lo and behold: the taxi was in front of Lucky. So I jumped off and went in, into one of the airconditioned room, as I was quite hot and wanted a cool place to eat my steaming biryani.
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

August 02,2013

Best Hyderabadi biriyani in Mumbai

One of my friend recommended this place to me as a place to have authentic Hyderabadi Biriyani- and we decided to hop in to this place one day. It looked more like a typical Hyderabadi Irani cafe than a restaurant, and if anyone has visited such a cafe can understand the decor. We two were seated immediately. When the waiter came—we asked simply him that what are the good dishes in starter. Whenever I go to a restaurant and i have no reference point/ recommendation then I always ask the waiter for his choice (of course, before giving my preferences like I need a starter which os not overtly spice, boneless chicken etc. etc.), To our utter surprise, the waiter did not seem eager to help adn said “yahan sab kuchh achcha hai”. Ok- but there should be some speciality or signature dish, right? Anyway, we ordered one kabab plate and one chicken biriayni. Surprisingly they brought both of these together. The kabab (pahari kaba) was decent in taste and succulent in nature. The biriyani is Hyderabadi biriyani—but the quantity was too lees. We had to order one more (in Hyderabad, one Hyderabadi biriyani is enough for 2 or maybe 3 people). Overall, good place and would recommend highly for people who loves Hyderabadi biriyani.
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July 29,2013

Best biryani

It is quite unfortunate that few places in the city make an authentic biryani. Frankly, what is served at most places in the name of biryani is an abomination. Lucky is one of those few places and the biryani here is a treat to one's taste buds. I have never been inside the place (we have always had the food delivered or picked up), so can not comment on the interiors or service. Though they have an extensive menu, but never tried anything oher than biryanis and would highly recommend all to try out the biryanis here.
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parthkash11 - Burrp User


February 16,2013

i had a very bad experience and i won't recommend

had been to lucky on a weekday, the place was moderately crowded. on arrival i ordered for a bottle of water which wasn't delivered on time(after 3 requests he did). later i ordered the mutton biryani(for which luck is wellknown), it seemed to be leftover stuff what they had served us. we argued with the management but they refused to remake it or to erase from the bill, finally we left the place in total disappointment.
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rohix - Burrp User


December 14,2012

Gr8 food

I love chicken tikka biryani. I'll defiantly go again. Good butter chicken and roti. I'm giving 4 star.
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afreddy - Burrp User


June 10,2008

Fingerlicking good

Lucky seems to put that extra special something in the bryani that they serve. The bryani is light, non oily with good portions of chicken and is just awesome.

I would say in the past four years that I have been eating food from them I have experienced nothing less that excellent food. The tandoori chicken that they have is blended with the right amount of masala and is incomparable.

Guys here is one place that is more than value for money.
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

June 05,2008


Lucky serves amazing non vegetarian mughlai food & its very reasonably priced. Almost every one who comes here goes for the Chicken Biriyani. You get one of the best biriyanis in the city here..although I must say that the quality of the biriyani has declined over the years. Prawn Kolhiwada is a must-try...Its spicy & so crisp that its gonna be one of the dishes that u'll always order when u come here.Vegetarian dishes are hardly worth a try!
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Vinay Parade - Burrp User

Vinay Parade

October 05,2006

Awesome biryani and kheema

This is one place you should visit to know what a biryani should be like... really mouth watering...

Also try out the Kheema-Pav. my personal fave.

good service too.. very friendly ppl..
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