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Rakesh Bairagi - Burrp User

Rakesh Bairagi

June 29,2016

Decent place

Nice place. Quick service. Good ambience. Alcohol is a bit over priced. Presentation was good. Hot garlic soup was amazing
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 29,2015

Scrumptious Food

This was not my first visit to this restaurant. As always food was just superb as always. You can order complete food from ipad after checking the details and photographs So no surprises when it arrives They specialise in seafood.The chilly prawns were scrumptious & fresh and very flavorsome. The food quality, taste, presentation every thing was very good.LOVED the "paan" shot that they gave us at the end of the meal.
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January 01,2015

decent chinese dining!!

Wonton is to look for was amazing! Service was slow and was a little high priced..
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Rash - Burrp User


December 31,2014

Staff Sucks at Pebbles

I was calling pebbles on the number provided on teh website for the 3 days continuosly for a dinner reservation for the 31st Dec. After several calls I was told by the person attending customer calls on the landline number that he will not be able to take any bookings till 31st morning and any exceptions will be done by their manager Mr. Thakur. Called the so called Mr. Thakur several times and the call went unasnwered. Finally on 31st morning I again called the landline number provided, was directed to 'THE MR. THAKUR'. Well I called this man and after a couple of unanswered calls I finally get a call back from this man. The coldest man I have ever encountered in this industry. The commencement of the lies:
1. We are full
2. We do not take couple reservations
3. We are not full but we will not take booking on the phone
4. Staff does't have any right or power to answer any queries on the call
Mr. Thakur, as the manager, it is your duty to keep your staff updated on something as basic as 'WE WILL NOT TAKE COUPLE BOOKINGS FOR 31ST DEC'. and if your staff doens't have any right to give out any information then why are you not attending calls on the landline cust. ser. number that you have provided on various website.

This restaurant serves awesome food but I refuse to eat there till this arrogant Mr. Thakur will be working there.
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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

March 19,2014

Excellent quality food...with lots of courtesy

You can term this a truly fine dining experience. The moment you enter, you are treated as a valued customer by everybody. They won my vote in the first minute itself. I was strongly recommended for the seafood here. I was lucky to accompany similar minded people. It was a visual treat to have the neatly decorated servings of pomfret, prawns and bombay duck being added to your plate. Take a bite and you taste every bit of the fresh fish in your mouth. We moved to the poultry section for main course. There was no thinking again when we were offered chicken Manglorean alongwith Neer Dosa and kerala paratha. What a delight. Chicken Awadhi was excellent too and proved to be quite a meal.

While we were filled to the core, we simply could not miss the desserts. They hit the right note with Honey noodles with vanilla ice cream and caramel custard. The entire meal was a mixture of delights with no specific cuisine and boy....we loved it. The main course is strongly recommended. Do go here with your family and you will have a everlasting memory.
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Anand Bhaskar - Burrp User

Anand Bhaskar

September 20,2013

This place pretty much sucks!

I am not sure how this place is getting positive reviews. We ordered some kababs and a vegeterian dish. It tasted like crap! Price wise, we ended up paying 1500 bucks for 3 people and this was ONLY for starters. It seems to me that the POSITIVE reviews below are probably paid for because when I went to this place on a Friday night, only 3 tables were occupied. The ambience is really bad and the food is worse. If you're into quality non-vegeterian food, please do not go to this place. I won't comment on the sea food because I did not try it, but Mughlai food sucks. The one thing I actually loved about this place was the waiters. Humble, cordial and quick (not with your order though). Good waiters are a luxury these days and it seems like Pebbles has scored there. But all in all, a horrible experience!
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shobhashenoy51 - Burrp User


August 09,2013

Fantastic !!!

This restaurant is easily the best place I have visited in recent times. There were thirteen of us in a group for lunch. I had been to the JUhu Pebbles restaurant and had enjoyed the buffet there,So I was very keen to try the Andheri branch, I was simply bowled over! The food is just awesome especially the starters, The service is just too good. They made special arrangements for us and we really appreciated it.The waiters were very attentive and friendly. Would love to visit again and also highly recommend to others.
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Joshua George - Burrp User

Joshua George

July 30,2013


I had been to this place today and I must say it is impressive. We were 2 of us and we ordered for the everyday lunch buffet. We started with a pepper chicken soup which was really appetizing nad nice. For the starters we ordered all of them ( better go with a group or a minimum of 2 people ). Special mentions would be the fish and the koliwada prawns . never tasted better stuff. In the main course u have south Indian appams with chicken , fish and lamb gravy's. The lamb was sooo amazing ; heavenly actually. the desserts are pretty simple: gulab jamun , cheesecake , mousse .Overall i'd go again and would love trying the sunday brunch which is their specialty
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Puja Chakravarty - Burrp User

Puja Chakravarty

June 13,2013

Awesome Food And Ambiance

This place serves food that is just heavenly. Have been here with my husband multiple times. The decor is nice and the staff is very friendly. It's famous for its seafood menu but the chicken dishes are as good. The non-veg platter is very filling and delicious. Love the chocolate fondue cake too. Since we are regulars here, the staff knows us very well. Once, my mother and I had come here for lunch. The staff had recognized me and had served us the non-veg starters of the buffet as complimentary. Definitely recommend this place to people who love seafood and who want to have a classy time with their family/friends.
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Preshita Chaurasiya - Burrp User

Preshita Chaurasiya

June 07,2013


One of the best restaurants in Andheri for sea food lovers. The ambiance of the hotel is beautiful. The service is also good. Pebbles doesnt disappoint you with anything. As for the food, Tiger prawns in light soya sauce with stem ginger was simply wow! they have variety of sauces to choose from.
Also the stuffed pomfret was tasty and spicy! surmai curry was the highlight of all the dishes v had ordered. Malbari prawns biryani was surprising. Bit on a sweet side but yet it was spicy. Overall my experience at Pebbles was awesome. Perfect place for sea food lovers!
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angelgal3108 - Burrp User


January 22,2013

classy !!!!!

We had been here for lunch buffet and the following was my experience Ambience : 4/5 you wont find it unique but also not that bad as the perfect interiors makes you happy.Waiters : 5/5 humble waiters, asking you all the time if you want more, no arrogance at all.Food: 4/5 if you are wanting to have something real spicy then don't opt for this...but even if the food was not spicy the taste was excellent. perfectly cooked sea food.cost for 2 will be around 1500.overall a wonderful experience
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Madhurima Naidu - Burrp User

Madhurima Naidu

October 11,2012

Fantastic experience

An absolute delight ! they serve the kind of food that stays with you for a very long time after a meal. It is very rare that you come across such honesty in cooking. The spices and taste did absolute justice to the dish be it the mutton seekh kebab which melted the moment it touched the palate or the kashmiri curry which had the taste of authentic kashmiri spices, and in the end the chicken biryani made every morsel of the saffron scented rice a heavenly experience.
Absolutely have to mention the attention paid by the staff which was impeccable, we did not have to strain our necks even for a second trying to catch the waiter's eye.
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shrutishetty - Burrp User


June 03,2012

fabulous pebbles!

A very good place to visit and enjoy good food and a good ambience. I'm a vegetarian and the great food caters to vegetarians too. The stir fry was great and the desserts and cocktails were awesome.! Must visit!
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Gaurang Bhatt - Burrp User

Gaurang Bhatt

June 03,2012

Excellent Food

Amazing food. Although Pebbles is a seafood restaurant, vegetarian dishes are fantastic. The ambiance is quiet and spacious. Waiting staff is courteous and knowledgeable. Wine menu is elaborate and desserts are imaginative. Whether you are vegetarian or fish lover, don't miss this experience.
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foodmasti - Burrp User


April 21,2012

All points.

The Outside interior of the restaurant with some small landscaping always invited me to venture inside. And as I have visited their branch in Juhu, I knew my decision would not be wrong. As you enter, the restaurant gives you a large picture, but no on the left side it’s the mirror which makes it look like a larger place. The ipad menu was a ++ for a gadget freak like me. The selection of the food item and placing of orders could be done on the ipad. But the server to place order was down, so seeked help of a friendly staff . When it comes to food and service we can always rate them well. Not a hardcore fishyterian I called for a fish as per the chefs choice and a chicken started was ordered. The food and the presentation of it was good too. A blend of rice and fish curry was ordered for the main course. The gravy was very well done. If you want to eat some really fresh catch of fish when in Andheri you can count on this place.
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