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abhishek2r - Burrp User


October 10,2015

Just A One time Expirince

Had gone through several reviews and Hypes just Decided To give a Try for this Buffet.
As said ambience is Truely Wild and innovative as well as the Music which starts at 9 O clock is too good to experience. But they are missing few basic things Such as No water in Washroom and unclean and untidy crockery which is not at all accepted at a Buffet Restaurant.
Coming to food Chat and Side dishes are Okay to have.
Soup really Suckssss (Yes I Really mean it and both the soup Veg and Non veg) It is nothing but tasteless Hot water.
Starters are something which is extremely lower than average or something, Yes I mean it. Be it chicken Lollipop and not Drums of Heaven To be very specific, Chicken or Mutton sig kabab. Nothing tastes fresh. Paneer kabab or Veg Chilly were ready to serve and strictly average. Main course we're noyhing such to Describe.
Coming to deserts nothing were matching The food quality of a good Restaurant including goolab jamun, Fondue or Kheer.
The horrible experience were of Ice cream which was of cheapest quality ever I have seen.

Honestly saying this place is quite Fine for its Setup.
It is not reaching the mark of a Buffet spread restaurant.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

April 30,2015

Amazing place,buffet is great

Amazing ambiance and unique experience with entire jungle decor with animals, plants and trees and perfect for going with family,especially children love it! Food is delicious and has Indian and chinese delicacies and don't miss the dessert. This is one of the best buffet places too and has something for everyone. loved all the startes, chicken dishes were especially good even though I usually am not a big fan, veg starters were awesome too, in main course loved fish chilly and veg gravy. In dessert, loved the mango ice cream. Amazing service!
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santinoxxx  - Burrp User


January 16,2015


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Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

November 10,2014

Contrary to the name, decor is not the highlight. Focus on the yummy food

Wild Dining is housed in an almost vacant Shopping Center. However, that should not be a deterrent. Step inside and it is a completely different world. The entire place is quite dimly lit but there is enough light focused on your table so you get to know what are you eating. While were seated, once they had this run of jungle sounds from across the area, quite interesting.

The service is quite prompt with different people whisking by your table getting a variety of starters. The chinese variants in chicken were a delight as was fish koliwada. They did serve a kebab and chicken tangdi but somehow i was hooked to the chinese starters. The veg variety was quite good too ranging from cheese tikki, roasted corn, paneer tikka etc.

From what we read about the highly rated Nachos, they were a let down for both me and my wife. Pasta wasn't great either.

The main course was very traditional and suited our tastebuds to the core. Among veg, we had dal makhani, paneer subzi, sarson ka saag. Chicken curry, mutton sukka and fish chilly in the non veg spread. The mutton was succulent and took my breath away when i had it with makai ki roti. Had a bigger tummy, i probably would have downed another couple of rotis. While the biryani was quite tempting, a full stomach stopped me from moving in that direction.

We kept it simple in the dessert section by making a generous helping of the orange souffle and ice creams. However, gulab jamuns and the mango cake were good too.

I was quite impressed with the service as everyone was willing to help. If you did not sopt your steward, you could approach anyone for another helping of any foodstuff you may want.

Wild Dining certainly receives a thumbs up from me. However, food and service remained the highlight for me.
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priyanka mahapadi - Burrp User

priyanka mahapadi

January 03,2014

One More Buffet In Town.Now With A Jungle Theme..

Awesome buffet with a jungle theme .A must visit for animal lovers. Kids will enjoy to the fullest. Speaking of the ambience, you experience a candle light lunch during the day in a jungle. The variety is pretty good. They also provide great starters, a good Main course and heavenly desserts. They also serve a something called as the "Mango Dessert" which has mango cake, mango ice-cream & mango pulp which is just out of the world. Something that may have been rarely tasted. Service is good. One thing worth mentioning is that at certain times waiters serve food inspite of it being a buffet. This place is good for Vegetarians as well as Non-Vegetarians. A good place to visit. Somthing that I would definitely recommend to food lovers for starters & desserts.
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amitpamnani - Burrp User


December 15,2013

awesome interiors,!!!!

Had gone to prataps wild dining the other day, found the interiors and the set of the restaurant pretty good, the jungle theme is well established, there is also a cave sitting in the restaurant but it felt a little claustrophobic, but the outside tables are good enough to make you feel you are in a jungle. There are animal noises at regular intervals, the loos are well named for lion and lioness, everything seems to be working at first before the food arrives. The waiters seem in a rush to pile food on your plates as soon as you settle on your table. Its a buffet and starter place costing you around 600 per person. The starters to be honest are very okayish but that's all you should have. The main course buffet is not worth going at all. The mutton in the mutton biryani didn't looked like mutton at all. It seemed some aged meat left in a bland flavorless rice. There is a chaat counter and a nachos counter too. The nachos seem to be made of thick maida rotis that are deep fried and a plasticky cheese sauce to smear it with. The only decent food I liked over there was fish pakodas and chicken 65. Everything else, a well below average to poor food. Its better you pay 100 bucks extra and go to a place like barbecue nation, this restaurant is for those who like to go to these places only for themes and have zero knowledge about the quality of food. Absolutely not recommended...never thinking of going back, waste of money.
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

October 26,2013


Who doesn't like something new and refreshing...Pratap's wild dining is just the place you would love to be..the jungle themed restaurant encourages you to click pictures ..for once i had a feeling that i was in some amusement park.. From the food to the decor everything here is outstanding!
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Ajai Bathija - Burrp User

Ajai Bathija

October 22,2013

Not Welcome to this Jungle

Wild Dining and a similar theme too.. An eerie atmosphere, dark, dank, with animal cutouts - it is more of a joke than a restaurant.. Mostly Indian food which is lackluster, appetizers which are not tasty enough, main course items which are ho-hum and nothing worth writing home about... Popular with the kitty party crowd and families with kids who like to visit a zoo cum restaurant. My view - stay miles away from this place!
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kuldeepj80 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

an awesum birthday bash

I rang in my birthday along with my family this year at wild dining. We had made a prior reservation of 20 people in advance. the place is done up with a superb theme. We started with the soups which were average, loved their pastas and nachos. The pizzas were equally good and so was the pani puri. Their starters were great, specially loved their dal wada and paneer tikka.. The main course is fabulously done too. i loved their dal junglee and paneer sabzis. The rotis and naans are tender and mouth melting. The dessert section could be improvised on a little. Rs 550 on a weekend is a steal. Total VFM
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Neha Madaan - Burrp User

Neha Madaan

October 12,2012

bad maintainence of Loos

This was my second visit to Wild Dining - The food was okay. The food in buffet is done for a mass, so it is averagely spicy, but this buffet definitely needed more color and taste.
The dessert section was thankfully amazing. For the main course non veg though there was not much choice.
For some reason all non veg dishes were very high on salt. .
We did enjoy veg starters and main course though. Pakora kadi and aloo mutter were appetizing
The most shocking were the Washrooms. They stink and are very poorly maintained. I feel the most important part of a restaurant experience is the loos. There was no water,
the only good thing was their service. Very friendly and prompt service.
The management needs to pull up their socks. Cleanliness is a big issue at this place.
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MANAN  - Burrp User


October 08,2012

Nice VFM buffet

A quick Lunch stop here always turns into a Lavish Buffet and unbuckling of Jeans belt . This jungle themed restaurant is spacious and dimply lit on purpose . The buffet has 3 very distinctive corners 1) Soup + salad counter 1veg and 1 non veg soup ...followed by 8 varieties of cold salads 2) The Pasta Pizza Nacho counter where u can customise what u want to eat . A very good flavour of Nachos totally makes the Day .3) the starter Main course counter ... about 5 veg and 5-6 non veg starters ... never have the Veg starters ...but surprisingly i ended up having more Veg this time than Non Veg ...they simply just keep dumping starters in your plate till u reach the point of Hiding the plate and say NO to the server . The main course after a crazy 3-4 rounds of starters seems like a bad idea...because u are totally stuffed and want some dessert too ... Prawn curry , chcicken kadai , mutton biriyani were part of it. Also noodles, manchurian and some Dals . Finally comes the desert counter. Soufflé , Gulab jamun, pastry, 4 ice creams make u regret that u are already full .. Overall a VFM buffet . totally recommended . Also go there on an empty stomach .
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kunalishah16 - Burrp User


August 23,2012

good experience

Visited wild dining thrice in the past two months. Twice on weekends and once on a weekday. Lavish buffet with 15 starters, couple of maincourses, nachos pizza and pasta counter. Lovely pasta i've ever had but i feel the variety of starters is much better on the weekends as compared to the weekdays. A total VFM package good food both in terms of quality and variety. Kudos
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Tejas Master - Burrp User

Tejas Master

August 16,2012

Theme restaurant . . A must visit

Must Try : Different variety of Starters, Pizza, Pasta & Nachos My ratings :Ambiance 8/10 Value for money 8/10 Service & Taste 8/10, Rs 540 on any day with variety of food is worth. The highlight of the theme based restaurant is the sound & the light effect that makes you feels like you are really in a jungle. A must try with a group of friends who loves drinks & foods. The cave made in the restaurant is best for a group of friends to have their private space & still have fun.
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esjoe - Burrp User


May 21,2012

Awesome Place!

This Place Is For Foodies. The Lunch and Buffet is Awesome. The Unlimited Food is to die for. Cant miss on the starters. Veg/non-veg = excellent.

Soups, chat, pasta, pizza, desserts, chinese, biryani's. Good Food.

Ambiance : The jungle theme is great and the hourly Jungle Music is fun...

The Staff is very kind and helpful.

Go for it guys!!
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Shiv Chauhan - Burrp User

Shiv Chauhan

July 08,2011


Last weekend I was visited to this place with my friends. I really enjoyed a lot. Very nice place, very beautiful ambience, good service, good crowd, supportive staff. I would recommend everyone at least to visit once and experience the heaven.
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