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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 30,2015

Pioneers of seafood

Its an iconic restaurant master in serving authentic seafood located in the beautiful Fort area of Mumbai. It's a quite small warm cozy Joint.Butter Pepper Garlic King Crab, and Seafood Fried Rice are to die-for. Crab is well stuffed and extremely filling , fresh, perfectly garnished with granular sauce .Tandoori Pomfret Haryali was fresh and ifull of flavors,.
Bombay duck was fresh and crispy.The chef has done fair justice with the Spices. Well I have been to other good seafood restaurants and I feel Trishna will be on the top on my list. Everything arrived quickly n tasted heaven!
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 27,2015

Indo-Western Yumm...

The crab is available in myriad treatments wit Indian n Western spices, green hariyali masala, Hyderabadi masala n they maintain the quality thats made it a favorite for more than 30 years. But theres so much more to the menu than crab, especially for fish lovers prawns, squid, pomfret (a classic Indian Ocean fish) are there, too, and deliciously prepared. Ask the waitstaff for a recommendation, they are extremely helpful and know whats fresh to order. With good reason, this bustling place with cool interior has the best reputation of any seafood restaurant on the subcontinent.
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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

value for money

Another great place for seafood lovers. Went with roommate and we had Spicy Crab Meat Soup and Squid chilly Garlic for starters both of which tasted delicious. Jumbo crab is a must have which my roommate loved and I loved the accompanying neer dosa. My roommate also got fish biryani which I did not like one bit but she liked it-I am of the opinion that biryani should only have chicken or mutton, not fish so I never like any fish biryani. This is a value for money place.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Great seafood

We group of friends were starving and went here to feast.. we were not wrong to choose this place.. We had jumbo crab in butter pepper garlic which was simply lip smacking-even though I do not have a lot of seafood usually! Then we had fish biryani, lobster chilly and they were great! the staff suggested us the dishes and they were bang on target! Delicious.
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January 31,2015

Good service..!!

This place is awesome.The sea food here is mind blowing. The quantity unbelievably grand. The service, ambiance and cleanliness is incomparable. There are a number dishes to choose from along with combinations of your choice. Booking is not easy to get. Call them a few days in advance. Go with friends, families or colleagues. You will be totally satisfied…
Very good restaurant with attentive staff ..

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Manmohan Mehta - Burrp User

Manmohan Mehta

July 27,2013

Best Sea Food place in Mumbai

This place has been my all time favourite sea food place in the city - its prawn koliwada , prawn butter pepper garlic and the hyderabadi daal are to die for !! Have been eating at this place for more than a decade now and it has never ever disappointed - though the pricing has become a bit steep lately !!
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twicebaked - Burrp User


July 19,2013

Feeling Crabby?

There are some days when I'm in the mood for a good binge, and with that thought comes the need to immerse myself in butter garlic seafood and cheese naan. On the menu today was: Pomfret tikka, Koliwada prawns, Prawn tawa fry, bhindi masala (because I have to have a vegetable!), mushroom tawa something and cheese naan. we decided to ask for pomfret tikka. The result was beautiful cubes of hot flaky fish, delicately spiced in tandoori masala that broke apart on my tongue. It was so good that we ordered a second plate of it even before the rest of our food had arrived! I can’t resist the Koliwada prawns, even when I'm on a diet. We ordered a plate of medium prawns (unfortunately the small ones weren’t available) and went through them pretty quickly too. Once more, all I needed was a squeeze of lime and I was good to go. I prefer the smaller prawns because they have a lot more crunch to them and I think they absorb the flavor better. The prawn tawa fry was pretty oily; though I enjoyed the vegetables they were cooked in. Not something I think I’d order again, though it was a welcome change from the Prawn chili fry and the prawns in garlic sauce. In an attempt to cling to the illusion of a diet, I ordered a portion of bhindi masala, which I have to say, was absolutely delicious. I also ordered a portion of mushroom tawa something, but I'm not sure what it was and I decided that it was too oily to take a picture. All in all an amazingly satisfying meal, one that we were extremely happy with!
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behroz1975 - Burrp User


January 15,2013

Seafood Lovers Delight

Being a sea food lover this place tops my list ! This place a is small gem tucked way in the bylanes of the busy commercial area of Fort. If you are a hard core sea food lover and if you havent been here.. u are missing something in life! this place is one the best seafood joints in the city and the fresh catch they serve here whether is the black pompfret, the crabs or their jumbo prawns all leave you with licking your fingers endlessly!
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Shakeel  - Burrp User


August 06,2007

Better Hyderabadi Daal than daal in Hyderabad!

I realize that it sounds like anathema to go to Trishna and eat only the vegetarian food (especially in light of the fact that I am usually a die-hard sea food fanatic!), but that is exactly what I did for lunch today.I was by myself so did not want to order a multiple dishes for fear that (a) I would not be able to finish them or, (b) if I DID finish them, I would be in a food coma for the remainder of the day which would render me unable to go back to work.I decided to keep it simple and order a portion of the Hyderabadi Daal and a Butter-Garlic Naan. Both items were superlative! I cannot say for sure, but I'd be willing to wager cold cash that even the daal they make in Hyderabad itself is not as good as Trishna's version of it. Add to this a moist, warm and thoroughly flavorful butter-garlic naan and you have yourself a great lunch.In addition to the GREAT food, the service at Trishna is always friendly, prompt and curteuos - all of which go a long way in creating customer loyalty (God knows I keep going back!!).

On the price front, Trishna tends to be a little on the high side (which is why it only earned 4 stars from me). For my simple lunch, I ended up paying 250 bucks. This figure is not really high per se, but if one bears in mind that all I got was daal, naan and a soda-pop it seems a bit pricey.Either way, on the balance, Trishna deserves (and gets) 2 whole-hearted thumbs up from me.
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Gail Arkless - Burrp User

Gail Arkless

December 07,2006

A dodgey street to Gastro Heaven

Ignore the street you have to go down to get to Trishna, it may feel like you have wandered in to the Bronx but honestly its worth it. This little hidden gem is worth searching out. Almost an institution in Mumbai it prides itself on its fabulous seafood, and its easy to see why. Crab, fish, lobster and prawns vie with an array of other tasty veg and non-veg goodies. You can even meet your dinner before you eat it - if you are so inclined. Its not cheap but very much value for money. If you are not sure what to choose ask the waiter for the best of that day, they will assist in the best choices. The staff are friendly and the service is swift, but so much so that you need to worry that it wasn't cooked fresh every time. A great place to go with friends or for a romantic tet a tet.
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