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Chinese Food, at its best

This place was on my list to visit since long. I always ended up having chinese at places I was not sure were serving authentic Chinese food or not, but this one surely does. I was with colleagues and decide for Optus The Oriental Blossom.

The place was amazingly done and suited for well-heeled and top notch. The indoor sitting arrangements are spacious and comfortable.

We also liked our pairing of red wine and hoegarden beer with our three course meal. The food was sheer delight with yummy treats and spicy flavours from the land of China wafting in our mouth. Desserts were the best and a must-try!

I would suggest they should consider changing their crockery or clean it well! What I sincerely appreciate is their cordial service.

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant, Connaught Place


Sometimes too much, spoils the taste!

While variety is the standardised spice of life for many,but when it exceeds its limits of giving too many varieties, it gets confusing! And so is the case with Rajdhani Thali. I totally appreciate their set menu, set thali and set everything offer . However, I fail to understand why would someone want to go for a plate of this and that and end up confusing themselves with what to eat and what to waste! Pity their cook who prepares so much good food but all if not all, at least a segment of it definitely gets wasted.. Food: Worth trying once , good taste, great variety but too many things for one person. Service: Is delightful. Ambiance: Too many corporate during lunch hours, dinner time is for families. Price: Rs:395/- for that big a plate or thali is AWESOME!

Mia Bella, Hauz Khas


Amazing place @Mia Bella, HauzKhas Village

Miabella is a beautiful hideaway in a bustling HauzKhas Village street. Expect amazing decor and reasonably priced drinks to keep you topped up into the early hours. The Venue You can find Miabella located at the end of HauzKhas Village street, with a sign adorning the entrance way that reads rather boastfully, ‘Mia Bella.’ Once you get past two floors of other restaurants and lounges like Yeti, you stop at the third floor. The ornate interior is made up of wood-panelling and and contemporary perspex light fixtures. There are stairs leading to an open air rooftop seating space, DJ console, dance floor, filled with comfy seats and small square block tables complete with giant ice buckets. The bar is fairly small for a place so good, and LED lights on the ceiling change in time to the music giving off a great clubby vibe. The Atmosphere Intimate and friendly, Miabella attracts a mixed crowd. Young professionals appear alongside trendy club-goers and gaggles of girls booked in for a hen night. It seems to work though, and the sheer unpretentiousness of it all means you shouldn’t feel shy about hitting the dance floor. With student nights and hen packages this club is unashamedly aimed at a mainstream Soho party crowd, although Wednesdays play host to a hip ladies evening called Ladies Night. The Music You can literally feel the music in your seat but that’s not to say it lacks clarity. Miabella has a great sound system and a string of DJs on rotation play commercial club tracks, house and dance classics. The Drink This place is an abode of liquor, you can get any drink you want- beers, whiskey, scotch, vodka, tequila, martinis among others. Cocktails vary between Rs 200-400 and include the Miabella Passion, a drink made with champagne and the club’s own tropical fruit liqueur. There are cocktail jugs for groups, too, such as the classic Long Island iced tea. However, Miabella also has a happy hour from until 9pm every day, Monday to Sunday, where plenty of the drinks are half price. The Last Word With reasonably priced drinks and beautiful surroundings, this place is a sure fire-hit in the Hauzkhas clubbing scene. If you’re after an edgier ladies night, head down for their spectacular free drinks on Wednesdays, but its relaxed door policy makes it an accessible place to party throughout the week.



Awesome customization!

For my birthday, I had asked my father to gift me a pendant of an Eifel tower, such that it looked like the letter 'A' to compliment my name. I didn't know if my idea would be able to meet its ground at all, until a word-of-mouth appreciation struck us at a cousin's wedding. The bride's jewellery looked beautiful and quiet different from what we say on regular basis at weddings now-a-days! It was from Trinetra Jewellers and the very next day we approached their store to buy what I was looking for!

Trinetra, has indeed given me the best gift I had wanted for my birthday! Thankyou Papa and thankyou Trinetra for making it happen! The brand not just sells jewels but also understands the emotions attached alongside a buyer's gifting pattern!

Dude Food, Satya Niketan



This place was tough for me to review. I've been here once and plan to visit again for their yummy Dude Lamb Burger. The service is excellent. I have to give it a 5 for service. The food is much more difficult to rate. All of the dishes I have seen and tasted seemed perfectly executed. The plates were beautiful and everything seemed to be just the way the chef intended. But in the end flavor is paramount. And therein lays the rub. Most of the dishes I encountered missed the mark. This was consistently so, and I won't bother to list the specific dishes and the problems with them. The main problem is I think most of the dishes had too many flavors going on. The chef needs to step back a bit and rethink things. Make it simpler the flavor of what is being cooked doesn’t get lost.. So I'll give the food a 3. Overall, I'd rate this 3.5 if I could. I'm giving it 4 on the basis of the awesome service. I hope the chef gets things right on the food. The place is so well run in the front of the house, I think they can get this right.

Out Of The Box, Hauz Khas


Something missing!

This is an upscale restaurant in HKV but I fail to understand why! It may have everything, yet there is something missing! The seating arrangements are divided into three floors, the roof-top being my favorite! We enjoyed the pan flavored hookah with their happy hours on beers at the roof-top, but the women were annoyed! Well, ladies night that serves drinks to the ladies only near the bar and you have to go-collect your drink, was a turn-off! We had to leave our comfortable roof-top seats to grab the drinks near the bar.. :-/ Service is slow and so not-welcoming! Food-wise, the OTB chicken pizza is yum but takes like forever to be served at your table. Music, could have been more peppy, lively but it was just about average. Perhaps, their ladies night is not as good as the other regular days, so Ladies, avoid going here on a Tuesday!

Nizam's Kathi Kababs, Connaught Circus


Delicious Chicken Biryani @Nizam's #CP

If there was an award for THE WORLD'S BEST BIRYANI, I would have vouched for Nizam's. In a plan to head to ladies night elsewhere, a friend and I decided to fill our stomachs with a plate of Chicken Biryani at Nizam's. I must say, that was a mighty good decision we made, as a plate was sufficient for both of us. Served with raita, green chutney or dhaniya chutney and succulent chicken pieces, long and ever fresh rice grains, the Biryani experience was incredible! Music in a place like Nizam's should be Sufi, but hello their love for Michael Jackson is so obvious with wall-mounted screens featuring some of his old-favourites over and over again! The service cannot be judged as nothing comes to your table, its the pay your bill, take the slip, collect your order at the counter, pick a table, drag a chair and just dive into the delicious flavour of Chicken Biryani @Nizams!

Blue Water Grille, Rajouri Garden


Awesome Fish!

West Delhi and a sea food restaurant are a rare combination, but when fish is cooked in a typical indo-western style you know its a must-visit place by all the Punjabis in Rajouri atleast! The interiors, to begin with were as the names suggests blue in colur with Buddha pictorials around, odd I must say... water-blue walls-buddha Y would they do that????? But a live kitchen for all the grilled food, was fascinating. The mughlai, chinese stuff was something I have had somewhere or the other but the FISH was scrumptious. I tried peri-peri sauce fish, lemon sauce buttery fish, barbeque sauce fish and grilled fish.... and then on I became Fish fanatic! For their drinks, mickey mouse and the beetle leaf drink are good to sip on. Music is right to strike a conversation with those you're eating out with! Service is pleasing. Must try: Peri peri fish Avoid: Chinese, you can get that anywhere, it isn't any special here!

Dunkin' Donuts, Sector 21, Gurgaon


Wow donut @Rajouri Garden Dunkin Donuts

Post Holi I had no idea how to wipe-off my exhaustion! Just then, my friend suggested we head to Dunkin Donuts @Rajouri Garden. Thank God he popped up that idea because its rightly said that chocolates are a great stress buster and DEATH BY CHOCOLATE donut was a great exhaustion buster for me! The ambience has also been set up keeping in mind a fun-frolic mood of their visitors! The service was delightful and the atmosphere was a happy-goo lucky zone! Must visit! :) Cheers Ayushi



Perfect Delhi View!

I really enjoyed sipping on the domestic beers that we had ordered at Qba as along with the beer we got to enjoy the unbelievable view of Delhi. Something that no one knows is that when at the rooftop of Qba, the busy Delhi life seems quiet. A bizarre moment was when we took pleasure in enjoying the view of India's capital from a high-roof and felt extremely patriotic at the sight of the Indian flag placed in the park adjacent to Qba, it was swaying itself free, up-high and looked so beautiful! Awesome Experience!

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